Nokota® Horse Preservation Breeder

As a Nokota® Horse Preservation Breeder, A Painted View Ranch is a proud member of the Nokota Horse Conservancy®.

This nonprofit organization’s sole purpose is to preserve the unique and historical Nokota® Horse by caring for them, promoting awareness of their plight, value, and use to others as well as working to establish a sanctuary where they can survive into the future.

To learn more about the Nokota Horse Conservancy®, visit

Please call 719.783.9100 or email for more information on our Nokota® Horse preservation breeding.

Nokota horses

Keep the Nokota® Horses in Your Heart

Please join in support of the Nokota Horse Conservancy® and their dedication to ensuring the survival of the rare Nokota® horse.

These are difficult times for all of us, especially for nonprofits doing their best for worthy causes. If you can't attend a Nokota® benefit event this season, please consider a donation to the Nokota Horse Conservancy®. Without the spring and early summer fundraising events, the NHC will be in need of financial support now more than ever. We greatly appreciate your considerate and heart-felt donation to help sustain the historic Nokota® horses.