Nokota® Horse Preservation Breeder

As a Nokota® Horse Preservation Breeder, A Painted View Ranch is a proud member of the Nokota Horse Conservancy®.

This nonprofit organization's mission is to continue the breeding program to preserve and protect their genetics and to engage in educational outreach that advances an appreciation of the importance of the Nokota® horse and the need to sustain its existence for future generations

To learn more about the Nokota Horse Conservancy®, visit

Please call 719.783.9100 or email for more information on our Nokota® Horse preservation breeding.

Nokota horses

Keep the Nokota® Horses in Your Heart

Please join in support of the Nokota Horse Conservancy® and their dedication to ensuring the survival of the rare Nokota® horse.

These are difficult times for all of us, especially for nonprofits doing their best for worthy causes. If you can't attend a Nokota® benefit event this season, please consider a donation to the Nokota Horse Conservancy®. Without the spring and early summer fundraising events, the NHC will be in need of financial support now more than ever. We greatly appreciate your considerate and heart-felt donation to help sustain the historic Nokota® horses.

Nokota Horse Nokota Horse Nokota Horse